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The Reality about Loose Slot Machines

The game of slot machines gives gamblers the potential of winning the highest payout from playing a casino game. It is not uncommon to find casinos that advertise their slot to give as close as 100 percent payback.

This is one factor that attracts many players to try playing the slot games. Every slot machine can give a different payout percentage and it is up to a slot player to find the highest paying slot machine across the casino floor and among the numerous numbers of slot machines available to play.

Many slot players are carrying out a task to scout for the loose slot machines. Loose slot machine generally refers to the machine that is programmed to offer the highest payback percentage compared to similar slot games there are on the casino floor.

But the term loose slot machine is not absolute as one slot machine can be loose on one casino while it is tight at other casinos. The loose slot machine that is programmed at a payback percentage of 99% in one casino for instance can be programmed at a 90% of payback percentage to a different casino.

Moreover it also encompasses geographical differences where a loose slot machine from one currency can be tight when offered at another currency. Because of these differences, loose slot machine will always entail different meanings when going to a different casino.

Unless the casino's slot machines are tagged as loose it is significantly difficult to find a loose slot machine from the casino floor. Casino managers intentionally make finding their loose slot machines hard to find or else they can lose bigger profits when more players are winning from their highest paying slot machines.

Many players are often allured to play slot machines that are advertised as paying out up to 99 percentage rate. But they often fail to give emphasis on the word "up to" which can also mean that the slot machine can give only 80% of payback rate or any payback rate for that matter.

Moreover if one does find a loose slot machine with the highest payout percentage, a slot player should always consider the long term period involved to obtain winning this payback rate from a slot machine. The long term of playing slot may involve playing the machine for weeks or months before anyone gets a payout.

Hence through this means the casino always find ways to earn more profit from their players before their loose slot machines pay off. Imagine how much it can cost a player to play several games of slots in the long term period.

There is actually no absolute guarantee that a loose slot machine will always pay out in every game session of a player. It can actually payout anytime but at an uncertain period of time. Hence loose slot machines cannot guarantee anyone to get an instant payout once they find a loose slot machine to play.

The optimal strategy that one can do when playing slot machine games will be to play with good management of their bankroll funds since one can always be subjected to unavoidable losses on the process of playing slots.