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Be Acquainted With Video Slots

In the world of slot machines, video slots are still considered new. Video slots only made its first public appearance in the middle part of the 1980's. It happens due to the invention of a microchip called Random Number Generator. The Random Number Generator is responsible for selecting the stop positions of the slot machine reels which is then displayed graphically on the screen of the slot machine.

The popularity of video slots has grown incredibly in the last few years that led to the creation of online slots. Both video slots and online slots are very similar to each other that these terms can be used interchangeably.

Not like reel slots that have finite space and intricacy, video slots have the capacity of numberless reels, symbols, and paylines. But most video slots of today are tending to stay on the usual number of reels. Video slots have various number of reels from three and up to seven reels and the paylines can reach up to as high as 49 paylines. And when it comes to symbols on each reel, video slots have hundreds and even thousands of them. Everything depends on the jackpot of the game and the payout structure of a particular video slots.

There are a lot of advantages when you play the video slots of today. Video slots do offer a lot of possible winning combinations for the players. And this means that you can avail of more wins in video slots if you are playing the right kind of game. Video slots also offer players a wide range of accepted coin sizes from the one-cent coins to the $100 coins. Through this feature, players now have additional control to their game. It therefore gives them the freedom to use more wise strategy in selecting bets for each spin.

With video slots come many different bonuses in a game. In a single game, you can experience a number of playable bonuses and even special events that you can never encounter in any reel slot.

With these advantages of video slots, you need also to know the disadvantages. Because video slots are offering high number of paylines per spin, you may reach into a situation where you are already betting too much. And this will result to a loss because you are betting more than you are winning. The best thing to do to avoid this situation is to try video slots through trial and error. Meaning, try different kinds of video slot games and when you find the game that lets you win more than your bet, then play that video slot game.